We know insurance can be expensive, you have options!

We understand that paying for full coverage insurance can sometimes be overwhelming to your budget and for that reason we have partnered with Assured Vehicle Protection to offer you a much more affordable alternative to full coverage. Debt Cancellation Coverage is a month to month contract that exempts you from the requirements of carrying comprehensive and collision coverage. The monthly cost is only $100 and the only requirements are that you have a valid Tennessee driver's license and be 20 years of age. Liability insurance is NOT included and must be obtained elsewhere to meet the state's Financial Responsibility Law.

If you are able to find an affordable price for full coverage we absolutely recommend you purchase that instead of Debt Cancellation Coverage. We require that your deductibles not be greater than $500 for comprehensive and collision and highly suggest adding towing and rental car reimbursement coverage. Lighthouse Auto must be listed as the lienholder.